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Our Mission

To provide education to dog owners, to increase their dog's quality of life, happiness, and longevity

They’re not with us for very long.  Let’s make our time together, the best it can be.

Kylie Purcell


Kylie has competed and been involved in agility nationwide with the North American Dog Agility Association for over 20 years. She has been training dogs for over 15 years in obedience and other classes and is actively involved in herding and working dog competitions along with nose work and scent detection.


Kylie truly enjoys helping educate about everything dog related and is currently writing dog tip articles for the local paper.  She has successfully ran Montana Dog Company for ten years and has recently expanded to offer canine massage, nutrition, and cold laser sessions.  She enjoys the field of dog science as it is constantly changing and gives her the opportunity to continue to learn and expand her skills.

When she isn't working with dogs, Kylie and her husband enjoy the Crazy Mountains and everything the outdoors has to offer.

Certifications & Degrees

  • American Kennel Club Certified Evaluator

  • Associate Degree in Science

  • Certified Pet Nutritionist

  • Bachelors Degree in Animal Science

  • Masters Degree in Business Administration

  • Masters Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Kylie's Pack

Kylie has seven dogs, four of which she competes with, two that make great lap warmers, and one rescue (they are working thru a lot!). 


Her four border collies activity herd and work livestock and compete in trials nationwide. They have all started in agility and have a very promising future. They also provide goose management locally and excel at that as the Three Goose-ka-Teers. Kylie also has a six year old long haired chihuahua who she has titled in agility.


Not only are these dogs active canine competitors, but they are also great companions and the pride and joy of the family.

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